Wellcome Sanger Institute Case Study

Wellcome Sanger Institute uses FFWD to transport and store research samples across the country until it is time for them to be delivered to the institute.

FFWD is able to support Wellcome because we offer same-day package delivery services that ensure their samples are transported quickly and securely to the correct destination.


The Wellcome Sanger Institute, previously known as The Sanger Centre and Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, is a non-profit British genomics and genetics research institute, primarily funded by the Wellcome Trust. It is located on the Wellcome Genome Campus by the village of Hinxton, outside Cambridge.


Collaborators working at the Genome campus were working alongside a number of hospitals and medical institutions across the UK and on occasion into Europe and beyond. Wellcome Sanger needed a service to transport clinical samples from wherever they were sourced back to the Genome Campus as quickly and safely as possible, day or night.


FFWD met with both the procurement team and project collaborators to discuss the options available. This proved to be both interesting and challenging, as each team had different requirements.

FFWD put systems in place that suited all – planned movements are scheduled in 24 hours in advance, where one of FFWD team will arrive at a pre-determined time to receive a sample and hand-deliver to the specified recipient at the Genome Campus within a pre-determined timeframe so as to minimise any degradation.

FFWD also provides a same-day service, where FFWD will collect from any location within the UK within 60 minutes, again transporting back to the Genome Campus as expeditiously as possible.

FFWD is also on call 24/7 for anything else that may arise so that Wellcome Sanger have a courier service that operates in the knowledge that every sample delivered is both unique and precious.


The systems now in place run smoothly between the FFWD team and the project collaborators, and have even been further enhanced by FFWD sourcing and providing bespoke packaging for some of the project leads.


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