Clinton Cards Case Study

We are very fortunate to work with Clintons, one of the largest card retailers in the UK. To ensure that their stock levels remain at optimum levels, we are the team behind delivering the cards from the factory to the stores.


Clinton Cards plc operates the United Kingdom’s largest chain of retail greeting card speciality shops. The company has grown steadily since going public in 1988, building its network of shops from just 77 primarily southeastern England stores to nearly 700 stores across the United Kingdom.

The largest single percentage of Clinton’s card sales come during the Christmas season, which accounts for some 30 percent of all Clinton sales.


To maximise the amount of seasonal stock on the shop floor during the Christmas season whilst simultaneously managing the stock room areas of the smaller stores, and ensuring no health and safety issues arise from overstocking.


FFWD met with Clintons and discussed finding a solution which both freed up space in the stock room – allowing for only the seasonal stock being in-store – whilst avoiding the costs of transporting stock back to the main distribution centre where it would remain until after the Christmas period, to then be returned to store.

A plan was made to give Clintons the best of both worlds: FFWD would transport stock from the store to a local safe storage unit or to a larger neighbouring store.

This would allow each Clintons store to keep stock locally and transfer back and forth as required, thus maintaining control of their stock room and shop floor, maximising sales whilst keeping costs down, and with stock remaining under the control of the local store.


This proved to be a huge success – year 1 was trialled with a handful of stores, and this solution has been rolled out annually now and is available to over 100 stores. Store managers make good use of the arrangements, allowing them to call in stock at short notice directly to the shop floor.


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