Fulfilment (Pick and Pack)

At FFWD, we’re able to pick, pack and ship your order swiftly, carefully and cost-effectively to offer you as comprehensive a service as possible.

What is the Fulfilment Process?

In order to complete the order fulfilment process, the first and most critical step is the pick and pack.

As soon as a customer completes their online order, the request is processed and their order is collected (picked) from their storage location and packaged appropriately (packed), ready to be shipped to the respective customer.

Pick and Pack Fulfilment vs Cross-Docking Fulfilment

While the smaller scale process of cross-docking fulfilment can be perfect for Groupon-style sales, it is not the best way to carry out a courier service.

Instead of cross-docking, FFWD prefers to use the Pick and Pack method of fulfilment which enables the packing process to be flexible and efficient when it comes to handling goods, and subsequently for the ongoing customer journey.

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