Keeping Customers and Couriers safe during Covid-19

Thursday, 24th September 2020

Couriers have played a huge role in keeping business and industry running during Covid-19, adding business parcel delivery from office to home and back, food and grocery delivery and other exceptional services to their regular local, national and international deliveries.

One of the main aspects of the job is human interaction – couriers need to collect and drop parcels off with signatures, parcel handovers and conversation all part of the regular daily activity.

But Covid-19 has set a whole raft of new regulations and guidelines in place, many of which make a courier’s life more challenging. 

But fortunately couriers are versatile and resourceful, and have had no problem adapting daily practices to be compliant and safe while they work.

Here are some top tips for couriers to implement to ensure they keep themselves and their customers safe.

  1. Preparing the depot for a lot of in and out – this is actually a tip aimed more at the employers than employees. Courier depots are ‘high-contact zones’ where lots of couriers on bikes, in vans, lorries and trucks are constantly coming and going. This makes visible, effective and well-stocked sanitiser units at all entrances and exits, and in all high-contact zones such as packaging storage and collection areas essential.
  2. Added to the above, there should be clear guidance and signage posted around the office and depot reminding courier drivers to sanitise their hands often, maintain social distance of at least 2m whilst on site, follow any one-way foot traffic flow through the collection, processing and exit areas at the depot, and monitor their health for any Covid-19 symptoms so that they can seek medical attention should any symptoms arise.
  3. Out on the road – keeping couriers and customers safe is of paramount importance. Couriers should wear face masks at all times when approaching a pick-up or drop off point, and maintain at least a 2m gap when interacting with customers. Wherever possible couriers should leave a parcel on a doorstep or in a safe location and ring the doorbell to alert the customer so that no close-proximity contact takes place.
  4. At the point of pick-up and delivery – to prevent unnecessary contact, couriers should no longer require a signature upon pick up or at the point of delivery. For now, couriers are either able to sign themselves on behalf of a customer or validate a pick-up or drop off using a text message or email. 

As a customer, ensure that you adhere to the guidelines too by washing your hands immediately after receiving a parcel, ensuring your courier is away from your door before opening it, and wearing a mask if necessary. You should also let your courier company know if you are self-isolating so that they can postpone delivery as necessary.

At FFWD Ltd we take our health and safety very seriously both for our couriers and for our customers. We adhere to all the guidelines as set out by UK Government and the World Health Organisation, ensuring that we’re able to operate safely and responsibly as we go about our daily deliveries.

For more information on our services and steps we’re taking to stay safe, contact us today on 03300 539800 or