The Importance of Social Media to Small Businesses

Monday, 13th January 2020

Last year logistics giant DHL launched a social media campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #AfricaAsOne. In the run-up to Rugby World Cup 2015 in England, DHL Africa set themselves the huge challenge of passing a single Rugby ball across 45 countries in Africa, ending in London before the start of the competition.

DHL documented the journey with tweets, blog posts and videos showing the progress of the campaign, and by the time it reached London, the hashtag #AfricaAsOne had secured a reach of 1,200,750,000 – the equivalent of £12,112,867 in advertising. 

Social media marketing campaigns such as this should not be limited to the big players. Granted, smaller courier companies may not have the money to invest in shipping an item halfway across the world for a media campaign, but the principles are the same. In February last year, just one person tweeting the #blueandblack hashtag got the entire world talking about the colour of ‘the dress’ - with a hashtag and a bit of creativity, and the opportunities are endless.

Your customers use it 

If you want to get your business out there and reach clients, you need to be where they are; and they’re on social media. Twitter’s most recent figures show they have 15 million monthly active users in the UK, and according to Social Media Today, 83 percent of customers want to connect with brands on Facebook. Whether you personally love it or loathe it, it’s the cheapest and easiest way to influence your customers. 

Engage, rather than advertise

Most marketing channels are one-way in nature – a business sends out its marketing message, and the consumer receives it. With social media, you can actually have a conversation. 

Businesses can get feedback from customers with polls, run interactive competitions using hashtags and use it for instantaneous customer service – everyone appreciates a quick answer to a problem, even if it’s just a tweet to say you’ll send them an email for a further chat. The benefits of that kind of speedy customer service can’t be underestimated for small businesses.

Get involved in the community 

Social media allows you to connect with other local businesses, share advice and network – without getting up for early morning breakfast events. Social media isn’t just about competition, it’s about collaboration too. 

The benefits of social media are endless for small businesses – investing just a little time in creating and sharing profiles for your company will be invaluable. Follow the FFWD team on Twitter @ffwdCouriers and like us on Facebook for the latest deals, best prices and up-to-date news! 


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