Are Your Delivery Services Causing You to Lose Business?

Monday, 20th January 2020

In an increasingly globalized society, time is money; an important consideration for all businesses engaged in shipping products to increasingly impatient consumers.

Research suggests that 61 percent of customers who shop online are willing to pay more for same-day delivery, with 70 percent of Amazon customers have used the site’s same-day delivery service. This accounts for a wide sector of the delivery market, and not providing this an option may well make it more difficult for your business to compete.

1 Hour Delivery

Added to this competitive environment is the increasing popularity of one-hour delivery; 30 percent of millennials - arguably one of the largest markets for online retailers - say the availability of One Hour delivery is important when choosing where to shop.

However, there is a paradox at play; 74 percent of customers say the cost of delivery is their primary concern. So as a business, how can these two – seemingly opposing – objectives be reconciled? 

With FFWD’s courier service, there is no need to worry about the cost. We have aligned our next Day prices with DHL & Royal Mail, so you can send up to 25kg for just over £11.00. The even better news is that for business customers, our prices are yet more competitive; our next day rates for businesses start at as little as £5.00.

Time-Sensitive Goods

At FFWD we appreciate that each business is different, and at times the cost of delivery comes second to speed. So what if your business deals with time-sensitive goods those that just cannot wait?

Recently a biopsy was sent overnight with a market-leading carrier for a cost £4.50, but was delivered to the wrong address and subsequently took 3 days to locate. This miscommunication meant the patient had to have a follow up procedure-planned in case the sample was no longer viable. Fortunately, the company then called us; within an hour we had collected it from where it had been delivered, and within two hours had taken it to its correct address for a cost of just £50.00. 

If the sample had been delivered by our couriers via Same Day delivery to begin, with there would have been no stress and heartache caused to the hospital team, the patient and family. The initial cost would have been £70.00. In situations such as these, peace of mind is invaluable; with our same-day delivery service, you can rest easy. 

Whatever your business or your customers’ main delivery objective, be that low-cost or safe, fast delivery, we have an answer.


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