6 Attributes of a Top Notch Courier Company

Friday, 2nd July 2021

No matter what you’re transporting, finding the right courier can be a challenge.

No matter what you’re transporting, finding the right courier can be a challenge. At FFWD we try to consider things from our customers’ perspective as possible so that we can constantly strive to deliver effective services that really match their needs.

In so doing, we realized that a really simple way to ensure we stay on top of things is to create a list that defines what makes a great courier service, written from the customer’s perspective.

Here then is our list!

1. Outstanding Customer Service

There are so many aspects to customer service that we know our customers expect from us – going the extra mile, really paying attention to what our customer needs, responding promptly with a solutions-orientated approach are all at the heart of our customer service offering. But ultimately we believe the key is communication – from letting our customers know the status of deliveries to returning calls or queries quickly, the better our communication, the better the overall experience for our customer.

2. Trust and Integrity

Our customers are entrusting us with items of value to them, and no matter how large or small, how valuable or inexpensive, the expectation from our customer is that we will treat every single package with the same amount of care, attention and due diligence. 

That trust extends to our pricing model, our delivery commitments, our handling policies and protections, and how we deal with any issues that might arise. 

3. Genuine Value for Money

We deliver packages of various sizes, types and contents to hundreds of locations in the UK and abroad, and over the course of time we’ve realized that our customers have a very good understanding of the cost of courier services – they’re astute enough to know that a high-value, fragile item delivered internationally will cost more than a smaller, lower value item and they’re ok with that. What they’re not ok with is feeling ripped off, and as a value-laden courier service it’s our responsibility to offer realistic, defensible and transparent pricing that is commensurate with the delivery being booked.

4. Convenience and Flexibility

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s that things can change really fast and our customers need and expect us to be able to roll with those changes. It’s taught us to listen carefully to what our customers need, understand how those needs might not fit exactly within a standard model, and most importantly it’s taught us to be as flexible as we can be in providing solutions to help our customers achieve what they need.

5. Security and Safety

It’s a standard expectation from customers that their parcels will be looked after, protected from damage and theft, and that the service will offer them visibility on where their package is in the system, using a real-time tracking system. Added to this, our customers expect our delivery staff to maintain safe protocols when delivering, from social distancing to wearing branded clothing.

6. Reliability

Along with communication, we believe reliability is the attribute our customers are looking for most in a courier service. Whether they’re sending a one-off parcel or want to set up a monthly service for multiple deliveries, the key they’re looking for is a reliable, trustworthy service from end to end. 

At FFWD Couriers we’re always innovating and looking for ways to improve every aspect of our service delivery. And although the above list may look ‘obvious’ it’s really a blueprint for offering our customers the best possible experience, no matter their requirements. So, if you’re a customer looking for courier services, try us and test us against the above parameters – we believe that’s what you’re looking for, and we also believe that’s what we can deliver!

Call us today on 03300 539800 or admin@ffwdgroup.co to find out more about our flexible, cost-effective courier solutions.